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Master Chen

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Sign In Don't have an account? Sons of Garmadon Emperor Garmadon Harumi Killow Mr. When fighting Jackie What Is Cashu, Tien said that he was even better than his master even though later on when the match Master Chen, Tien said Sjors Kamstra Wikipedia hadn't even been using Catwoman Stream full power in the fight. Master Shen watching the battle between Krillin and Chiaotzu. Garmadon cheated Tavli Regeln used Spinjitzu to win, which Chen had forbidden, though the master dismissed it, and even praised Garmadon for his deception while granting him the title of Master Chen. Shen promptly flees. His warriors advancing, Chen soon took over more villages laughing at how the people are defenseless without the Ninja or the Elemental Masters protecting them from danger. Placing him in a hamster wheel with a swamp rat, the little snake quickly released Free Bubble Online sweat to turn the army into Gewinnspiel Abo Falle, thus making the spell permanent. In anime filler it was shown that Shen and Roshi competed over a girl named Fanfan. When Chen calls Lloyd a cheater and conspirator in front of all Elemental Masters, they realize that he is one, and Clouse suggests him to let them go, so they can begin their plans. Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Neuer Trainer Bayern MГјnchen Battle After his brother Formel 1 Rangliste 2021 defeated by Future Trunks and his fellow Time Patroller, Master Shen joins Tao in taking revenge. That night, Chen led a ceremony in the Anacondrai temple, where he brings in a captive Karlof and states "Only one can remain. A statue of Chen was later placed in the Ninjago Museum of History. Warcraft Warcraft I Warcraft II Warcraft III Reforged Warcraft universe World of Warcraft.
Master Chen Once a young boy in Ninjago, Master Chen was a less than talented individual, always told he would amount to nothing and was constantly compared to the far more talented Elemental Masters. Growing angry at this, Chen grew to resent the Elemental Masters. Master Shen is the Crane Hermit (鶴仙人 Tsurusen'nin), master of the Crane School and Mercenary Tao 's older brother. Whilst they both trained at the Mutaito Training Academy, a rivalry quickly grew between Shen and Master Roshi. Master Shen and Mercenary Tao, likewise, began to fight over the smallest things. Master Chen is the main antagonist of the fourth season of the Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu TV Series. Chen was known as a hero in Konoha. He once had a student much like Rock Lee who was unable to perform ninjutsu or genjutsu and dedicated himself to becoming a taijutsu master. Both Chen and his student participated in the Third Shinobi World War, with the latter killed in the war due to his inability to learn ninjutsu. Master Chen was the leader of a criminal empire and the former owner of Mr. Chen's Noodle House. A master of deception, Chen was responsible for the Serpentine War, causing him to be exiled to a secluded island when the Serpentine he aligned with lost.
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Master Chen

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Master Chen

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About Wowpedia Disclaimers Mobile view. After Nya snuck into the island and stole Clouse's spellbook in the disguise of a kabuki servant, Chen was informed by Clouse about someone stealing the book, and working as a kabuki servant.

Chen ordered a search for the intruder across the island, and when Nya was found out to be the spy, Clouse ran after her in the attempt to capture her.

Chen then found out from his daughter Skylor about Cole and Zane tryigto escape, and he got proud of her for the news.

He then got the idea from Clouse to continue the tournament and hunt Nya, and to track her down so that he can capture her. Clouse suggests him to force Skylor fight Kai, and when he listens to Clouse, Skylor ended up victorious and imprisoned Kai for Chen.

Chen then stole all the elemental powers, got Kai who was pretending to work for him and Clouse against Lloyd and almost unleashed the spell, until Kai broke the staff with Skylor's help.

Chen then nabbed his daughter and pretended to apologize to her. However, Clouse's idea that Chen got from was foiled when Chen stupidly told her about his plot.

Then, Skylor understands that Chen is manipulating her, and she escapes her imprisonment and rides a hover, then she flies away on it.

Chen tries to speed up to her hover, just so he can recapture her. As soon as Kapau and Chope read the spell from Clouse's spellbook, he and his army with the exception of Clouse, who was banished , Skylor, and Garmadon turn into fake Anacondrai.

Then, Chen sent his Anacondrai minions to find Pythor, so that they can use his essence to ensure that the transformation spell is permanent. When Chen and his army crosses the border of the Corridor of Elders, Pythor decides to affiliate himself towiththe Ninja and aid them by releasing the spirits of the Anacondrai generals from the Cursed Realm.

Garmadon decides to banishes himself, just so he will be able to defeat Chen with the help of the spirits of Arcturus and his fellow generals.

He had grey dread-locks held up with a green sweatband, and red square-framed sunglasses. He was missing an upper right tooth and sported a manchu moustache and trimmed chin-beard.

During his lifetime, Chen was a renowned shinobi and revered as hero of Konoha. His abilities were so great even in old age that Kabuto Yakushi reincarnated him to battle in the Fourth Great Shinobi War.

He was presumably also a skilled teacher, having trained his last student well-enough to become a full-fledged shinobi solely with taijutsu.

Chen was most famous for his immense taijutsu prowess. He was shown to be deceptively fast and nimble for his age, able to strike down several shinobi in the matter of moments and even fight on equal grounds with Might Guy , gradually pushing him back after being reincarnated, and effortlessly overwhelm Rock Lee after a prolonged period of retirement.

While an active shinobi, he was known for creating a unique taijutsu move called Leaf Dragon God , a move which was initiated with a spinning kick, and then turning the wind that the kick caused into a whirling dragon, striking the opponent repeatedly and being capable of slicing flesh, and defeat up to three enemies at one time.

Chen was reincarnated by Kabuto Yakushi to fight in the Fourth Shinobi World War. During the second day of the war, he was sent to attack the Allied Shinobi Forces.

After swiftly taking down several ninja, he faced off against Might Guy. Exciting at the idea of facing the legendary hero, Guy formally challenged the reincarnated shinobi to battle.

The two taijutsu masters initially fought evenly, but Chen's tireless reincarnated body soon overwhelmed Guy. Tao brutally defeats Chiaotzu during the preliminary rounds and easily qualifies for the final rounds.

Before Tien's match with Tao begins, Shen claims that Tien will stand no chance against his brother's new and improved body and that the Turtle School students should all give up before they get themselves killed.

When the match finally begins, Shen eagerly watches. After a long match, Tien easily defeats Tao with one fell swoop, knocking Tao unconscious.

Tien carries Tao over to Shen who is in complete shock over his brother's defeat , telling Shen to never bother him or his friends ever again.

Master Shen then carries away Tao and leaves in shame, swearing revenge on Tien, claiming he will not die peacefully. At some point after the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament, Master Shen and his brother Tao got mixed up in something and died as a result of the event.

Due to them both being bad people, they were likely not restored to life. Main article: Universe Survival Saga In the anime, it is revealed that in addition to Tien and Chiaotzu, Master Shen also trained a girl named Yurin who would seek to take revenge on Tien using Witchcraft shortly before the Tournament of Power.

Despite turning Tien's Tien-Shin Style Dojo students and Master Roshi into Jiang Shi , they are defeated by Goku and Tien. Defeated Yurin remorseful over the damages her Jiang Shi had caused to a nearby town, agreed to Tien's offer to study under him at the dojo.

As Master Shen plays no role in Yurin's plot it is implied that he was dead by this point or had given up seeking revenge due to the power Tien and Chiaotzu possessed by this point.

However Yurin's attack ironically lead to Master Roshi and Tien agreeing to participate in the Tournament of Power to prevent Universe 7 from being erased.

Main article: Dragon Ball: Mystical Adventure. Shen holds the position of Minister of Mifan and appears as one of the main antagonists, with the other being his brother Tao.

He is part of a plan with his apprentice Tien and General Tao to take over the kingdom of Mifan , ruled by Emperor Chiaotzu by using the Dragon Balls.

Having gathered up most of them, he hides them inside a statue in his room at the castle and orders his army to find the last one at all costs.

Shen attends the Tournament and after believing himself to be in possession of all seven Dragon balls he reveals his plans to Chiaotzu.

After finding out the Dragon Balls have been stolen, the Mifan Army attacks Master Roshi and the others. Shen orders Tien to kill Chiaotzu but he refuses.

Shen says Tien was always weak so he will kill Chiaotzu himself and powers up a Dodonpa, however, he is sent flying off Mifan Castle by Tien's Tri-Beam first.

Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans While the Dragon Team is training before the arrival of the Saiyans , Master Shen kidnaps Chiaotzu as part of a plot to get revenge on Tien for humiliating him and his brother.

He lures Tien and the other Z Fighters to his hideout within Mutaito's Training Grounds and unleashes his TPP - EX short for Tao Pai Pai EX robot to attack Tien and the Z Fighters.

After the Z Fighters defeat his robot, Tien threatened to put an end to Shen if he ever threatens Tien or his friends again. Shen promptly flees.

Main article: Dragon Ball Online After Gohan's book talking about ki control makes the old ways of the Turtle and Crane schools popular, people want to train under Roshi or Shen.

The two former masters have retired, so Krillin becomes the Turtle School master while Tien Shinhan becomes the Crane Schoolmaster.

Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle After his brother is defeated by Future Trunks and his fellow Time Patroller, Master Shen joins Tao in taking revenge.

Due to the dimensional distortion that the Time Patrol is investigating for King Kai, Tien and Chiaotzu are still students of the Crane School despite Goku being a married adult and his son Gohan being a child.

Master Shen and Tao attack the Time Patrol but are defeated. He is armed with the Staff of Elements which allows him to shoot elemental blasts, but he possesses no special abilities.

Chen serves as a boss in the Ninjago level, "Elements of Surprise. Before Eyezor can do this, however, Wyldstyle, Gandalf, and Batman drop out of a vortex and crush him.

Chen inquires to Clouse if he arranged these surprise competitors. Not waiting for an answer, Chen starts another round of the Tournament, and orders Griffin Turner to combat the heroes.

Batman, Gandalf, and Wyldstyle defeat Turner, Gravis, and Karlof in rapid succession. Irritated, Chen accuses them of cheating and attempts to drop them through a trapdoor with comical results.

A portal opens on the arena wall, and Lex Luthor arrives in a large armored suit. Demanding Chen give the Staff of Elements to him, Luthor is set upon by the Anacondrai Cultists, and retreats.

Batman, Gandalf, and Wyldstyle purposefully leap into one of Chen's still open trapdoors, landing in the Tunnel Maze.

As they battle their way through the maze, they come into conflict with Saruman the White, who merges the Elemental Keystone with Clouse's Anacondrai Serpent, giving it elemental powers.

Chen wears an Anacondrai skull atop his head, which itself sports a large purple snake around its own head, with skeletal rims attached to it.

He has a mustache-goatee, thick eyebrows, and thick sideburns and hair, all of which are black in color, though in his younger years they were apparently red.

He sports dark red robes with golden and black markings, along with purple rims along the midlines. Before his banishment from Ninjago, Chen was an intellectually self-serving man who was able to manipulate both Garmadon to crave power, and the Elemental Master of Earth in addition to others unmentioned to fight against the Elemental Alliance.

This manipulation served him in keeping a balanced rift between the Elemental Alliance and the Serpentine in the Serpentine War. At this time, he also proved to be a master strategist, twisting moves on both sides in such a way to keep his involvement in the dark—an aspect that grew stronger in the years to come, with the newer generation of Elemental Masters.

After his banishment, however, Chen became more childish, spoiled, and impatient all of which he expressed while supervising the Tournament of Elements , but still devious and greedy.

He also has a quirk, which is his love for buttons and trap doors which is a combination of his need for power and childish nature. During the Second Serpentine War, Chen started to complain about how difficult and time consuming it was to take over Ninjago.

However, it would appear that Chen did love his daughter, and gave her special treatment he provided her with a tournament suit similar to those of the Ninja, and he allowed her to keep Kai around after he had drained him of his power.

After she betrayed him, though, he no longer cared for her safety, and his greed took over. He is also shown to be culturally insensitive, as he used the symbolism of the Anacondrai, even after betraying both humans and serpentine by igniting the war that drove both sides to near extinction.

He even violated their remains by using them as decorations and clothing, while espousing their ideology of "only one can remain," adding insult to injury.

He is also shameless in this, as he begged the spirits of the Anacondrai generals to spare him even though he was the one who instigated both wars, which caused them to be banished to the cursed realm and then used elemental power to transform himself into a pseudo-Anacondrai while claiming to be on the same side.

Chen is also shown to be temperamental, sadistic, and possibly psychotic. This is shown in his previously mentioned duplicity, hot temper, and tendency to believe his own lies.

He also showed great enjoyment and schadenfreude when he revealed to Wu and Misako that Garmadon had signed the love letter that Wu had written for Misako that caused her to fall for Garmadon in their youth.

Chen's perverse glee is quite evident in this action, and only further showcases his psychosis. Chen is also shown to be quite cowardly and is seemingly incapable of owning up to his own mistakes and misdeeds, claiming that his use of magic to become an Anacondrai meant that he was on their side in a futile attempt to be spared by the unleashed spirits of Arcturus and his comrades.

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